WTF is a Task Pass?

Raindrop, drop-top, don’t miss the drop, price gonna pop.

What is a Task Pass?

An NFT Pass redeemable for 8 $Sealed Pega Tokens. These will be used to catch up, get an advantage, or take a break during The Great Race (PegaPal task minting process). Explanation here.

How can I get one?

Members in our discord who are Pega OG’s will be whitelisted as well as partners in the Optimism ecosystem and Quixotic community. If you’re not in our discord what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on any more alpha.

Bonk. People not in PegaNation yet.

More contests will be available soon to be added to the whitelist. But you need to follow us and join our discord to not miss the announcement.

Why do I want one?

Task passes will be integral when The Great Race starts. Participants will be looking to buy these on the market to get a head start or catch up. During the race, you can earn up to 4 $Sealed Pega tokens a day, so these passes can give you a head start of up to 6 days. Moreover, PegaPal minting using $Sealed Pega tokens is first come first serve which means these will become super valuable as the race tightens towards the final days. Do you see the huge utility now? So, start stacking the passes to get an edge or catch secondary sales when the price shoots up.

Why only 3 redeemable per account?

In order to keep the process fair to those who can’t buy a pass or don’t have one, users can only redeem up to 3 passes per address. Remember, $Sealed Pega tokens are untransferable so you can’t game the system by redeeming on an alt address and transferring. There’s no limit on how many you can own though 👀.

Secret Alpha.

Pegasus will offer (3,3) style staking. Profits earned from secondary sales of the Task Pass will be sent to the treasury to increase APY. This means the value is going right back to you.



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