PegaPals Part 1: The Great Race

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Pegasus Finance
3 min readJan 20, 2022

PegaPals are incredibly powerful primitives in our Peganomics token model. Today we outline the first way you can get your hands on a PegaPal.

The Great Race

The Great Race is a learn 2 earn program where people can complete tasks daily to earn tokens. These tokens can then be used to mint a PegaPal.


  • 4 tasks a day
  • Each task earns ~1 $Sealed Pega Token
  • PegaPal mint price is 120 $Sealed Pega Tokens
  • First come first serve minting
  • Tasks will be anything from (trading, marketing, learning…)
  • New tasks will continue to be issued daily until all 1000 PegaPals are minted.

Users will show their ability to contribute by doing a series of low to medium lift tasks (around 4) each day in exchange for a $Sealed Pega token. After gathering 120 $Sealed Pega tokens, users will be able to mint a PegaPal and then stake to earn a share of the protocol revenue. Therefore, a user who finishes all 4 tasks each day for 30 days will be able to mint a PegaPal after the 30th day (30 * 4 = 120). Tasks will continue to be released until all 1,000 of the reserved PegaPal supply are claimed. Minting will be unlocked from day one, making it a first over the finish line process, hence The Great Race, meaning users who contribute more diligently will be able to mint first. Remember, $Sealed Pega tokens have a cap on the amount earnable each day and are untransferable between accounts, so consistency is key.

Tasks will broadly be shaped around building awareness via tweet campaigns, getting crypto celebrities to recognize us, doing partnerships, and incentivizing trading on testnet and mainnet.

AHHHH I’m Shipppping 🚢

Tasks will be updated daily, and claims will be given out a few hours after new tasks are given out. Keep up to date by following our #Great-Race-Announcements channel in discord.

The timer tells you how much you have left to complete the day’s tasks

Catching Up

Since The Great Race is a race at the end of the day, we’ve created task passes as a means for you to catch up or get ahead. Read more about them here. These passes can be burned to get Sealed Pega here.

Diamond Handed Pegas 🙌

If you’ve been inspired by the mission of Pegasus, and want to participate in The Great Race, follow our Twitter and join our discord so you don’t miss it. We’ll also be taking community feedback throughout the process so feel free to share your thoughts.