Pegasus Trading Rewards

TLDR: Get rewarded for using Pegasus’s interest rate perp trading platform.

With the launch of the Pegasus Mainnet, Pegasus is launching a trading rewards programme to further reward our community for their active support/usage of our products and supercharge our novel interest rate trading platform.

What rewards?

Trading platform usage will be rewarded in $slPEGA.

Once you hit 120 $slPEGA, you can redeem a PegaPal NFT (most recent PegaPal sold for > 2 ETH).

Stake that bad boy here and receive staking rewards denominated in $PEGA.

$PEGA tokens are backed by revenue from the Pegasus Trading platform. Learn more about Peganomics here:

How are rewards allocated?

With the basic mechanics out of the way, let’s get into what we aim to incentivize & achieve with our rewards programme.

  1. Total trading fees paid. We want to incentivize broad usage on the trading platform — more usage → more trading fees paid → more slPEGA rewards.
  2. Total Losses. We intend Pegasus to be an educational experience for traders to get used to trading rates. We want to subsidize losses they might incur while experimenting: more losses → more slPEGA rewards. slPega rewards lead to a PegaPal NFT which then leads to $PEGA token rewards. Since $PEGA tokens are backed by revenue from the trading platform (i.e. your losses), you effectively make back your losses this way.
  3. Total Gains. We want to incentivize traders to make smart trades on the platform — more gains → more slPEGA rewards.
  4. PegaPal holders. PegaPal NFT holders are & have been core to the Pegasus community. So, PegaPal holders will get an extra boost on top of the base rewards.

Trading rewards will be paid out every epoch (lasts 14 days). The total rewards available for all traders will depend on trading volume. Every 25 ETH in trading volume would add 120 slPegas to the total reward available. E.g. 100 ETH in volume means 480 slPEGA will be up for grabs, 200 ETH → 960 slPEGA, 500 ETH → 2400 slPEGA, etc.

So, what are you waiting for. Go to and become an interest rate tradoooooor!

Appendix: Reward Calculation

More on how the reward allocation for every trader is computed.

For a trader, i, the reward, r_i, for an epoch is calculated as follows, given net gains, G_i, net losses, L_i, total fees paid, F_i. Note that one of G_i or L_i is always 0 i.e. G_i is non-zero iff trader has a net gain during an epoch and L_i is non-zero iff trader has a net loss during an epoch.

where g, l, f are coefficients to relatively weight each factor. p is a multiplier applied to pegapal holders. R is the total reward amount allocated every epoch.



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